Stop Smoking

Hypnosis is not a magic wand that changes what people want from their lives, it helps with the process of getting what you want. You have to want stop smoking for yourself. Logically we all know smoking is dangerous. We’re becoming more aware of the harmful effects of cigarettes from the anti smoking campaigns.

Who this program is for:

  • -You want to stop for yourself
  • -You want to be healthier
  • -Sick of smoking, hate the smell + taste, the cost.
  • -Want to stop smoking for once and all


We all know they’re bad for your health and of the many poison chemicals inside. Logically we know all this but we are not completely subject to logic. We are human beings with emotions, habits and beliefs, good and bad. Sometimes there may be a conflict. “I know these cigarettes are bad for my health, the kids hate them and they cost a lot but I’ve had a tough day, I’ll have one more and quit next week”


Part of the mind knows  the cigarettes are poison but another part says go on… have another. This pattern can go on for years and years. Other can go weeks without a cigarette but as soon as they’re out with friends or have a stressful day, they can fall back on the old habits and beliefs.

There is no one category you can put all smokers into, some smoke 20 a day, some 2-3. Others smoke when driving but not in the house. Another may link smoking with meal times or when drinking coffee. Some may perceive smoking as a way to relax or take a break. Every smoker has a reason or combination of reasons to smoke, known and unknown but all smokers have one thing is common

There is some perceived benefit to smoking in the deeper parts of the mind, despite all the evidence that cigarettes are dangerous.

Here at Wexford Hypnosis, we can help you re-program your mind and break any habits, beliefs or attachments with smoking. Every person deserves to live free without craving, longing or feeling that you are missing out from this toxic useless habit. No person is born a smoker, it is something that is learned by the mind and can be unlearned by the mind. If you have got to a stage where you no longer enjoy smoking and want to stop, we can help you with  our Stop Smoking program. This is a single session program which can take up to 2 hours.